Best Stylus For Note Taking

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Even though we live in a digital age, taking notes by hand is still useful. Handwriting encourages slowing down and reframing information, leading to a deeper understanding of a topic.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Best Stylus For Note Taking

However, with the wrong pen, this important process can seem like a chore. Read on or watch the video below to learn about choosing pens that will make note-taking easier.

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You will be looking over your notes, so the ink on your note pen should be dark and legible. We love a crisp, classic black or a slightly unique black. While we don’t recommend writing the entire page in hot pink,

Best Stylus For Note Taking

If your lecture is long or your teacher speaks quickly, you need a pen that won’t require too much pressure on the page – otherwise you risk unsightly thinning of the hand. Smooth ink flow is key. Wet rollers and fountain pens work well here, but all our picks have smooth writing ink.

Quick-drying inks like Zebra Sarasa dry gel pens keep ink where you want it.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

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Smeared notes are annoying to re-read, and not everyone likes a hand written in ink. Quick-dry pens prevent these problems. They are especially useful for left-handed writers.

Good Zebra bLen ballpoint pens and bolder TWSBI GO fountain pens – the choice of nib size is just a matter of taste.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Choosing a nib size means balancing detail and readability, as well as ink flow and drying time. You may want a bolder nib for use in a notebook with wide rulers, or a neater nib for packing information onto small graph paper. We’ve relied on the best tips in this guide, mostly because a good tip helps the ink dry faster, but there are options for everyone here.

The Best Pens For Heavy Handed Writers

You can highlight while creating notes or later when viewing them. Either way, this brings up the wiping problem again. Most gel pens, fountain pens, and rollerball pens don’t perform at their best when illuminated – crisp lines can be a bland mess. The formula of the highlighter is also very important. We’ve tested all of our recommendations and picked out a few highlighter options that can be worn with almost anything.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

The comfortable handle is gentle on the hand. If you’re prone to hand pain, look for a pen with a soft grip or a wider grip to keep your fingers from cramping and tiring. Heavy handles can also tire you, so avoid heavy metal structures.

Quick-dry Zebra Sarasa Dry ink eliminates smearing. Combined with the dark lines and reliable flow of wet but not wet ink even with the small nib size, this pen really won us over. Two caveats: its color payoff is limited and it smudges under highlighters. The former can be mitigated by purchasing Zebra Sarasa R gel pens in a variety of colors, which write with vibrant dye-based inks. The latter is solved with Zebra Sarasa Mark On gel pens, which easily prevent highlighters. The Sarasa family covers all the bases!

Best Stylus For Note Taking

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From its silky rubber grip to its sturdy metal clip, we were impressed with the Uni-ball One’s build quality. Its design is combined with new ink. Large particles of pigment stay on the top of the page without wetting, leaving sharper and more visible lines than other gel inks. Greater contrast on the background of the page improves readability. It also dries quickly. It writes drier than our other pens and, due to the traditional weakness of gel pens, only smudges slightly under highlighter.

Jetstream ink spreads easily, doesn’t fade, dries quickly, and doesn’t even smudge a bit under highlighter. It’s one of our favorites for a reason. It’s also available in an almost amazing array of pen housings. For frequent sessions of creating short notes, you can buy a soft pen. If you value detail, get the Jetstream Edge with a 0.28mm tip. If you feel indecisive about all these options, try a multi-pen. Whatever you choose, Jetstream will serve you well.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Zebra bLen’s quiet design helps you focus on your notes. Its name comes from a Japanese word

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, which means “does not tremble.” Its sleek, rattle-free design lives up to that promise, allowing you to focus your attention where it matters most. bLen writes smoothly and completely without gaps with dark, low-viscosity ink. We like the thinner nib size for delicate handwriting.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

The Pilot Acroball Spotliter combines three colors of ballpoint ink with a highlighter tip. Easily switch between ink colors by rotating the pen body. For emphasis, twirl the pen like you practiced with pencils in elementary school. Smooth ballpoint inks are, of course, resistant to highlighter. As a bonus, the Spotliter’s light weight and large diameter combine to minimize hand fatigue.

With some effort to adjust it, the Uni Style Fit Multi Pen will be the pen of your dreams.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

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The Uni Style Fit Multi Pen lets you pack five different pens into one. Choose from gel pens, ballpoint pens and even pencils. Gel refills are available in a variety of colors and ballpoint refills feature smooth Jetstream ink. Gel refills run out of ink more easily than ballpoint pens. Because multi-refill pens are convenient to use due to their compact size, we recommend keeping the gel ink for color annotations rather than full-page notes.

If you want to get creative with your pen customization, the Style Fit system is also compatible with many other brands of attachments. To learn more about this infinitely unique pen, read our comprehensive Uni Style Fit guide

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Pilot Multi Ball rollerball pens are designed not only for notes, but also for marking almost any surface.

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The Pilot Multi Ball makes more than a first impression, and it’s a good first impression. It writes dark and legible notes that dry almost instantly and do not smudge under the highlighter. However, if your line wanders down the page, you’ll find that it has all of the above types clearly and consistently written on it. Don’t worry about the tables – they stay the same after six hours of installation. In addition to notes, it is ideal for writing on folders or even drawing on shoes.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

The Pilot Precise V5 is a lightweight zippered pen. The smooth gliding of the rollerball tip, without any scratching or feedback, means that very little pressure is needed to make a mark. It takes a few seconds to dry, which we think is reasonable given the wet ink flow. It also smudged well in the highlighter tests, which was true of all the non-Multi Ball rollers we tested. That’s a fair price for such dreamy lines.

Platinum Preppy fountain pens have an amazing level of quality in their affordable small bodies. Vibrant color-coding matches each Preppy to its ink cartridge, and their springy steel nibs write very smoothly. Only the Extra Fine nib is a little scratchy, but it dries quickly and works on regular paper. Even thicker ink lines don’t work under the marker. To learn more about Preppy, read our comprehensive guide.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

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Unlike most entry-level fountain pens, the TWSBI GO uses bottled ink. This makes it easy to choose the ink quality you want, such as fast drying, highlighter resistance, or durability. GO’s large piston reservoir will keep your pen full of ink for many notes. We also like its build quality, which is lightweight but strong enough to break through a pencil case. However, fountain pens can be messy; be sure to carefully remove the cap with the pen to avoid ink leakage or small explosions.

Zebra Justfit Mojini Line highlighters highlight without smudging like most pens. During our tests, only the gel pens had small smudges, and this was cosmetic without affecting readability. Justfit Mojini Ruled Highlighters are available in traditional neon colors and their flexible tip is the perfect width for narrow-lined notebooks.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Iconic 2 Way Marker Pens are available in beautiful retro or pastel colors. Their cutters work as highlighters, the fine ball tips are suitable for emphasis, and together they form attractive title letters. They smudge less than a regular highlighter, although they do move pigment into the oily line from dangerous pen types. These markers only come in sets of five colors, so pick up a few if you’re serious about sprucing up your notes.

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We checked for smearing by running our finger over the ink after writing. We also tested the backlight with our two markers on dry writing samples. The tests were performed on Rhodia DotPad paper, which is smooth and does not absorb moisture. More toothed or more absorbent sheets may chafe less.

Best Stylus For Note Taking

Our writers draw on their personal experiences, consult with our content experts, and conduct extensive research to make our guides as accurate and comprehensive as possible. We then tested each search query that passed the research stage. Only methods and tools whose effectiveness we have personally confirmed are included in our guides as recommendations.

The right pen will help you get through long note-taking sessions. Let us know what

Best Stylus For Note Taking

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