Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison – In this HP Specter x360 13 vs Dell XPS 13 9300 comparison, we’ll see which is the best buy in terms of performance, features and everything else. Both the laptops have a high price and both the laptops have features according to that price. Let’s look at one of the best overall.

100% sRGB color gamut, 35 ms rate, 60 Hz rate, Infinity Edge Display, anti-glare, ±85° viewing angle, ±85°

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C with Thunderbolt-3 (40 Gb/s signal, Power Delivery 3.0, DisplayPort 1.4, Sleep HP and Charging)

Hp Spectre X360 13.5 Inch (2022) Review

This is a comparison review of the HP Specter x360 13-inch laptop and the Dell XPS 9300 laptop. The HP Specter x360 13-inch model is pretty much the king of beauty in the world of 2-in-1 laptops. Dell’s XPS lineup has always been one of the best around. The new Dell XPS 13 is about to update an already impressive machine. Let’s take a look at the complete review of these laptops.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

The feature comes in two colors, midnight black and Poseidon blue. We have a midnight black especially black body with a very nice bronze. The color scheme is the same, the HP logo, the logo, the two rings all have a striking brass finish. The aluminum chassis weighs only 1.27 pounds and the two hinges are strong and sturdy, helping to wrap this laptop to all possible angles and allowing it to transition between laptop and tablet form. The writing also matches the chassis’ ebony color, and the touch glass also has a bronze finish. Both sides now include four speakers by Bang and Olufsen. These edges are attached to the stone design of the Spectral series, and the base has a fan to distribute the heat. A beautiful and integrated design is something HP has developed during the review of the series since its launch in 2015. The attention to detail in this product is great, and if you take it up close, it will definitely turn heads.

This has a full-size island-style backlit keyboard with adjustable brightness, and my typing experience has been excellent. The key travel is nice and the keys click and feel good, I never had any issues. Control has improved significantly. Since the Windows drivers replaced the Synaptics one, it’s very functional and all the gestures supported a three-finger swipe for new applications, or a four-finger press for control, or a three-finger thumb to wake up the kernel sound, etc.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

Hp Envy X360 13 Vs Hp Spectre X360 13: Which Is The Better 2 In 1?

The build of this laptop definitely matches the high price. The lightweight aluminum chassis measures just 15mm at its peak while weighing just 1.27kg. If you’re really worried about moving these days, this design will have you covered. The Dell XPS 13 is one of the most portable laptops I’ve seen outside of these Chromebooks, and will fit into a small bag or briefcase just fine. The metal frame is also sturdy as the lid doesn’t bend at all even under high pressure, and the smart silver lid also seems indestructible, with no scratches or marks visible here. The rest of the chassis looks pretty solid, and the center of the screen has a nice cable and a 6-inch glass cover. You also have a nice soft carbon fiber wrist rest that feels good against your skin, although it does require regular cleaning if you don’t want them to look nice and bulky.

Dell’s impressive design also continues with the XPS 13’s keyboard, which is absolutely amazing for typing and texting. These keys are spread across the entire width of the laptop. So, it’s a good size and well separated despite the small area Dell had to work with, the travel when you press each key is as small as you would expect on a laptop, but you still get enough feedback for the type of touch at speed while the type of action is good and stable. You also have two sets of back panels that can be rotated quickly with a function key. On the top right, you’ll find the power button that also doubles as a highly responsive sensor that accurately detects fingerprints in just milliseconds.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

This 13.3-inch screen has a 90% screen-to-body ratio and the smallest bezel you’ll find on a laptop. I have a 1080p full LED Brightview screen, while you also have the option of a 4K OLED screen with a crazy high brightness of 1000 nits. The panel is also VESA certified for true black HDR, and you can adjust the screen to your liking. The HP display software gives you five options. Now it also has eye-free technology which means it filters out blue light, this screen is truly a treat for the eyes.

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The Dell XPS 13 2020 is one of the 13-inch laptops that can boast ultra HD graphics. So get ready to make a mess of your undercrackers for absolutely stunning 4K video while viewing photos or streaming light entertainment. True color is online, with 100% sRGB color gamut and over 80% Adobe RGB as well. Incidentally, I don’t have to worry about the contrast being too good, and as for the brightness, it reaches 400 nits at the maximum level. So, it is really good to work outside.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

For security and biometrics, we have a fingerprint sensor. The two lights on the top bezel are the small IR cameras used for Windows Hello. I don’t know how HP managed to fit it in so little. The Spiter series takes privacy very seriously with one click of this female webcam, the webcam stops regardless of which program you are using, and there is a dedicated button built into the keyboard that changes your microphone instantly, and is very useful as in Zoom calls. The speakers are quad-speakers from Bang & Olufsen, and they’re decent, but not as good as the ones on the Mac. They are simple, but they work.

Coming to the ports on the left side, we see the 3.5mm headphone jack, the headphone jack is becoming increasingly rare even on laptops, and we have another Type-A port and the two sides fit surprisingly well on the power button which is really cool, this It’s really a good use of time. Buttons are also smart. On the right we have an SD card reader, a webcam kill switch and two Type-C ports which are Thunderbolt 3 ports that help with fast data transfer and charging. The charging cable fits in such a way that when we clean the laptop the power cable does not get in the way.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

Hp Envy Vs. Hp Spectre: Which High

Most touch devices use touch, so when you don’t want to use the keyboard, you can use the screen to do anything on the screen. The touch screen is very active, very responsive and works either in laptop mode or when I turn it into tablet mode. The hinges work great and they instantly turn the laptop into laptop mode and I can use tablet mode without a problem. Even the weight distribution on this thing is good, so I don’t have a problem holding it or for many hours in tablet form.

This comes with a stylus which is really good, but one of my gripes is that this stylus works with this 4a battery. You have two buttons on the pen that you can adjust to whatever you want. In addition to that we get a really nice and premium leather bag. You also get this 65-watt AC adapter that charges the 60-lithium-ion polymer battery and a Type-C cable. You also see a small plug on the pin and plug it in three times. Despite being light, Spiter opens with one hand. The stylus is great, you can use it as a second mouse for scrolling or actually signing documents. You can attach it magnetically to the back of your laptop. Also, you can draw with it, and there are great pictures online, or you can use it to write. This is a great stylus considering that it comes for free. There are a few options in the HP Command Center where you can choose a pen for your specific needs.

Hp Spectre X360 Model Comparison

Two other things I should mention is that Spiter has six Wi-Fi support, so if you have a router you can take advantage of it. It also has

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