Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant – The world of water cooling is very different from what it was five years ago. There are thousands of shelf parts today, and the hobby is becoming more and more popular.

Even the coolant we use has gotten quite a commercial spin. Gone are the days of using deionized or distilled water mixed with some form of biocide (although many still prefer this). In addition to colors and additives, pre-mixed coolants are becoming popular and are available in a variety of colors, as well as UV, pearl and pastel colors, offering a great way to create water-cooled PCs. out of the others.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

However, it is a bit difficult when choosing the best coolant in terms of appearance and performance, because each bottle can vary in terms of UV reactivity or cooling performance. We partnered with Aquatuning, who supplied the latest mixed coolant stack and also a flow meter so we could see how much of a difference it made. After all, if you want to look, a few degrees in the temperature of the CPU probably does not matter as much as the awesome coolant looks.

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We started with six of the latest UV coolants from manufacturers like Phobya, Mayhem’s, EK and Nanoxia to see how they look under UV light and also how they perform in modern water cooling systems. In the very near future, we will also be back with non-UV coolants where we will throw all the results together to see who is the best in terms of performance.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

To test the UV reactivity of each coolant, we put an amount of each coolant into a sealed part of a clear tube and hold it under UV light provided by two standard 12-inch cathodes. The test is conducted in a dark room to give a clear contrast between the best and worst performance in the test, but still shows the actual lighting conditions of your PC.

Since you will be a little crazy to water-cool the PC if it is not overclocked, we used Intel Core i5-2500K, overclocked to 4.7GHz using vcore 1.4V. The system was run with deionized water for a week to cure the thermal paste.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Clear Coolant Turns White?

We record the ambient room temperature to display the results as delta T (the difference between the CPU temperature and the ambient temperature), to handle the small temperature changes in our test environment. To measure the flow rate, we use a Cole Palmer 120-1200LPH Flow Meter, the reading results in liters per minute for a more accurate reading because the meter is analog. We fill the loop with reduced water to start, then slice, slice each component, and fill the loop with the first coolant.

We then flush each coolant with deionized water, draining it as best as we can between the contents to ensure there is no residual coolant left and only a minimum amount of deionized water – it is the best compromise between keeping the cycle dry for days at the end or having six. individual laps, which is clearly impractical. We allow each coolant to get rid of air bubbles until no one appears in the coolant, pipe or sound in the pump or blocks. Welcome to the component series. We hope this helps novice and experienced builders understand their options when it comes to components in custom water circuits. Today’s entry is all about computer coolant.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

We talk in depth about how water cooling systems work. We’ve covered pumps that keep moving, water blocks that draw heat from hard components, other factors that transfer heat to the outside air. Inside all of this is the life blood of your system – your coolant.

What Is Liquid Cooling?

The coolant in your system is what actually absorbs heat from the computer and releases it to the outside air. When a computer is running, it is constantly undergoing heating and cooling cycles that keep everything working.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Clear liquids can help show other colors in your system.

Before we look at the options for a good coolant, we must look at options that do not even need to be considered. Water cooling for computers has a long history of experimentation, mostly by simple users like you and me. People have tried whiskey, windshield wiper fluid and acetone to name a few.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Pc Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide

Almost all of these are obviously not good choices for water cooling systems. If you want to experiment in any way, go for it. Innovation is discovered through trial and error. This article is about the daily use of coolant in everyday liquid-cooled computers, so we’ll stick to the basics.

I had planned to dive into the science behind a good coolant, but the rabbit hole is too deep. In an effort to keep it clear and simple, let’s look at the two most important factors in choosing a coolant: thermal conductivity and specific heat.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

We’ve covered thermal conductivity in our Thermal Grizzly Buyer’s Guide. It is simply a measurement of how efficiently heat can move through a certain material, measured in “watts per meter-kelvin”, or “k-value”. The higher the k value of a particular material. , so it will transfer heat more efficiently.

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Specific heat is also called heat capacity. This is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a given mass of material by one degree Celsius, measured in “calories per gram per degree Celsius”, conveniently abbreviated tocal/gmK. The higher the specific heat of a material, the more heat it can absorb without changing its temperature. Materials with higher specific heat numbers produce better coolants.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

This table shows the k-values ​​of various fluids that have been used in PC liquid cooling. We have talked about the difference between water and air in our post why water cools the computer. Still, it is interesting to see how better some materials transfer heat than others.

Looking at the table, it is clear that pure water is the winner in thermal conductivity. The only liquid that is nearly as effective is pure water.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

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Pure water has one of the highest heat capacities of any known substance. As before, only water-mixed liquids can compete with pure water in this category. Ethanol comes as a surprise, but alcohol and other alcohols here are flammable and have a low flash point – two good reasons to avoid water in your daily life.

This is an easy choice. it is water Available in several places in your home. It’s almost free.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

It is also full of dissolved solids and microorganisms. You don’t want it in your water cycle.

How To Water Cool Your Pc

Water bottles can be an excellent choice for cooling water. If you avoid anything that says “water” or “mountain water” and is labeled “purified” and has no additives, it will be clean enough to work well in your water cooling system.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

For this post, I’m combining several categories here: distilled water, deionized water, and mineral water. All of these are produced by different processes and are more readily available and cheaper than others in different regions. All of them produce ultra-pure water that is great for PC liquid cooling.

This water is the best choice in terms of water used for coolant. They usually come in larger quantities and are usually cheaper.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Hyper Liquid Range

Do not add ultrapure water to your reservoir. There are a few other things you should know.

Water is the reactant. It causes chemical reactions with other substances, especially metals. While the environment of a closed computer water cooling system is better than average in terms of chemical reactions, if you open regular water in the cooling system, reactions are inevitable. The result is corrosion.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

There are too many variables that affect the process to determine how long you can expect it to take before the corrosion of the metal parts sets in, but it will happen.

Pure Premix Distilled Coolant

The water in your computer should be at least room temperature, and every time you use the water it will get hotter than that. Unless you use the computer in the dark all the time the coolant will be exposed to light. Some organisms in the world like a warm liquid environment and light and will multiply quickly in it.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

The computer’s water cooling system is closed and the system is sealed. So how do microorganisms get in there? It is usually displayed when the system is open – during initial construction or maintenance opening. It takes some of these invisible organisms to form biofamilies and spread.

If you imagine water cubes and beehives like that in your pipes, water doesn’t seem like the best choice anymore. What about that glycol?

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

Liquid Cooling Vs Air Cooling

Ethylene and propylene glycol molecules. Both can kill you, but in one of them you have to drown.

Glycol is actually a compound from the alcohol family and it provides adequate heat transfer and capacity. This is often used to lower the freezing point of water – the antifreeze in your car is glycol.

Pc Water Cooling Liquid Coolant

The chemical difference between the two glycols we are talking about here is minute. The difference in performance is also minimal. The main difference between ethylene glycol and propylene glycol is toxicity. ethylene glycol

What Is Water Cooling And How Does It Work?

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