Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning – Although you may think that all teeth cleanings are the same, they are usually considered either “routine cleanings” or “periodontal maintenance.” Both are routinely performed by a dental hygienist, but for different reasons, one is considered a preventive service while the other is. Certain treatment.

Regular cleanings are often called “prophylaxis” and are part of preventive dental care. From childhood to adulthood, patients with periodontal disease receive standard dental prophylaxis. Your general dentist usually recommends regular cleanings twice a year that include an oral exam. . If you develop dental problems, these regular checkups will help your dentist identify and treat these problems early and easily.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

During a routine cleaning, your hygienist will scale around the teeth and under the gums to remove plaque, tartar/calculus, and stains. Regular cleanings are normal for patients with healthy gums.

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If you’ve ever been diagnosed with gum disease, you may have noticed that cleaning your teeth after treatment is called “periodontal maintenance.” Although periodontal care is similar to regular teeth cleaning, it is considered a specific treatment rather than preventive care. . Periodontal care is part of a soft tissue management program and is important to combat the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

This scheduled periodontal cleaning is only for patients who have periodontal disease and advanced treatments such as scaling and root planing or periodontal surgery. After your active gum infection is treated, periodontal care can maintain periodontal stability.

During your periodontal care appointment, your hygienist will remove all debris, just like with regular cleanings, but also clean under your gums and make sure your roots are free of bacteria to prevent them from becoming infected again. Professional periodontal care successfully removes the growth of harmful bacteria that affects your gums. To make sure your gums are healthy, your hygienist and periodontist or dentist will check your gum pockets at each regular maintenance appointment.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Scaling And Root Planing For Gum Disease

Remember, there is no cure for gum disease, only treatments to combat it. Controlling bacterial growth is the best way to fight your illness. And the best way to control bacterial growth is through regular maintenance.

Periodic care is usually needed no more than twice a year, because the bacteria that attack your teeth and bones can resume the decay process after 90 days. The longer a patient waits between cleanings, the more harmful bacteria can eat away at the structures that support your teeth. Additionally, bacterial overgrowth in the mouth causes an inflammatory burden throughout your body, which can affect your overall health. ok

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

No, scaling and root planing, sometimes called “deep cleaning,” is an advanced non-surgical periodontal treatment that is usually performed under local anesthesia in two appointments. This is sometimes a one-time treatment. Lifetime or every few years depending on your initial level of infection and various risk factors.

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Periodontal care cleanings are part of a soft tissue management program recommended 3-4 times a year after scaling and root planing have been completed. Perioperative care does not require local anesthesia and is performed in a one-hour visit.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Typically, periodic maintenance is covered under periodontal insurance coverage, while regular cleanings are covered under preventive dental coverage. While most insurances cover routine cleanings as part of their 100% preventative coverage, periodontal care may have a co-pay as part of your other periodontal treatment.

Although we want to help you get the most out of your insurance benefits, we need to provide treatment that is tailored to your individual dental health needs, so if you have a history of periodontal disease, we need to provide periodontal care. give and use. Appropriate insurance codes that indicate this level of care.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Our Periodontal Maintenance Program In Keene Nh, Keeps Your Gums Healthy

Because your periodontal health is important to us, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about your treatment needs. Regular dental care is the best way to check the overall health of your teeth and keep your smile bright and healthy!

But if your dentist detects periodontal disease or other dental problems, you’ll want to schedule more dental cleanings throughout the year.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Learn more about dental cleanings offered at First Hill Dental Center in Seattle – and better understand what it means if you have periodontal disease.

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The type of dental cleaning you need depends on the type of visit you have and the health of your teeth. For new dentists, we first schedule a basic cleaning with x-rays and begin charting your period. This will give our dentist a good idea of ​​the overall health of your teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

After that new patient visit, we schedule a major dental cleaning twice a year. But if your dentist notices periodontal disease, we’ll begin a preventive and periodontal care plan to deep clean your teeth.

Prophy and Perio Maintenance are two types of deep cleaning that help remove plaque and tartar from teeth and monitor periodontal disease. But what is periodontal disease?

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

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Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is a gum infection that can damage your teeth and oral tissues. At the first signs of periodontal disease, you will notice that your gums are red, tender and swollen. Additionally, you may notice other signs and symptoms, including bad breath, receding gum lines, loose teeth, or missing teeth.

If left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss and damage to the jawbone and surrounding tissues. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular preventive and periodontal care appointments with your dentist.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

If you have periodontal disease, you can plan alternative prophylaxis and periodontal care to prevent periodontitis from getting worse. Both of these deep cleanings help reduce the effects of periodontitis and allow your dentist to check the health of your teeth.

Explaining Periodontal Maintenance To Your Patient

Profi is a deep cleaning for periodontal patients aimed at dentist scaling and root planing. Cleans teeth and gums. Root planing will smooth your roots and help strengthen your gums, giving periodontal patients a head start.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

From there, periodontal patients schedule regular periodontal care. Because periodontal disease never goes away, these maintenance routines allow you to monitor the health of your teeth and prevent periodontitis from getting worse.

When it comes to your teeth, make sure you give them the cleaning they need. If you are concerned about periodontal disease or need a preventive and periodontal care plan, see a Seattle dentist today. Schedule your cleaning at First Hill Dental Center!

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

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Want to learn more about our dental services? Use our blog as a source of tips and tricks: We are often asked by patients, “How is periodontal care different from regular cleanings and why is it more expensive?” This is a great question and the answer has several parts.

First, let’s define what “normal” cleaning (prophylaxis) is for a healthy mouth. These include procedures that address plaque, calculus, and stains on the crown of the tooth. “Coronal” means related to the crown of the tooth above the gum line. A typical patient who should receive prophylaxis comes in for routine hygiene examinations (every 6 months), demonstrates good housekeeping habits, and has healthy tissues that do not bleed on examination or swabbing. When they are periodically evaluated and charted, tests measure 4 mm or less.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

Next, let’s look at redundant storage and scaling. This is an ongoing treatment process to treat periodontitis, a chronic, incurable (but manageable) bacterial infection. The main goal under the gum line is to remove the dentin, which is rough and/or spread through calculus and contaminated with toxins and microbes. Some removal of soft tissue also occurs. This type of procedure requires more skill and experience than preventive.

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Periodontal disease suppresses the patient’s immune system, strengthens the immune system and supports tooth structure (bone loss). It is also episodic. These types of disruptive episodes can be triggered by stress, illness, or other problems without the patient’s knowledge. The three-month interval recommendation for Perio maintenance is not arbitrary. It is based on the nature of bacteria. After periodontal maintenance therapy, periodontal microorganisms accumulate in the biofilm and within three to 12 weeks become the dominant bacterial species. This means that in the 12th week or 3 months, the periodontal “bugs” will develop again. That is why their number should be reduced. After a diagnosis of periodontal disease, it is important to be vigilant in the management and monitoring of periodontal therapy.

Periodontal Maintenance Vs Regular Cleaning

To appreciate periodontal care, it’s important to understand that it’s different from regular cleanings because you’re controlling the disease by treating and cleaning your teeth. You might think that dental exams are always the same. There is a difference between regular cleaning and periodic maintenance on a regular schedule

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