Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Tips For Eco Friendly Living – Plastic Free July is a collective effort to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic. It can be quite shocking to discover how much plastic is embedded in your daily routine. Mostly because there is plastic everywhere.

Although plastic has obvious sources—such as single-use water bottles and food packaging—plastic enters our lives in other ways.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Environmentally friendly packaging is equally important on the path to sustainable living. When disposing of plastic products, try to remove them from processes such as packaging and shipping.

Ways To Make Your Home Eco Friendly

It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year from coastal communities. Most of them are not updated and remain on our planet forever. It is easy to change perishable products, even one small change can make a big difference. So, let’s get started!

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Sustainable living must surely be the way forward. By making these small but impactful changes in our lives, we can move forward and support this mindful approach. What? Have you ever made small changes like this and felt your lifestyle improve?

Bamboo products are a simple solution to the single-use plastic waste crisis. We believe that our moves towards organic and biodegradable products can directly reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, rivers and oceans, harming our planet.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Easy Eco Tips To Do Now

So, celebrate in style and start living a zero waste lifestyle today. Switch to environmentally friendly products. We can all make a difference and create a better future for our planet. This article is a complete list of ideas to help you make your home greener. And probably the best guide to green living you’ll find on the web.

Most interestingly, all 101 methods are proven methods that really work. You will see a big change in your lifestyle once you implement all the changes (slowly and slowly) and become greener and more sustainable than ever.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

I have divided the 101 ideas into six main categories so that you can easily use the steps below, from the kitchen to the organic garden. An eco-friendly kitchen.

Tips To Live A More Eco Friendly Lifestyle // Four Wellness Co

For these obvious reasons, we are starting to look at our first 24 ideas to make the kitchen eco-friendly, which will be the first step in building a friendly home.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

I say no to plastic cutting sets. A metal or wooden cutting set can be a good choice. Metal cutting sets are often durable, which can justify the initial investment. On the other hand, wood cutting sets can be damaged. So you can choose any.2. Never buy Teflon cookware

Due to the non-stick properties of Teflon plates, food can be fried easily. But the production of these plates releases toxic chemicals and fumes (PFAS) into the environment. That’s why I always recommend eco-friendly alternatives to Teflon-coated cookware.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Quick Tips For Eco Friendly Living

I know, you’re looking for eco-friendly pots right now! Carbon steel pans can be a great alternative to Teflon pans. In addition, these pots are durable and non-toxic to human health.

Charcoal cookware is another eco-friendly option for cooking. Although the price of these dishes can be quite high, you will be proud of the investment you make in buying them.5. Avoid aluminum foil

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Cooking in aluminum foil can increase the amount of aluminum in food. Although this amount is not harmful to human health, it is always better to avoid exposure to toxic aluminum in food. 6. All stainless steel cookware set

Sustainable Ideas For An Eco Friendly Lifestyle

You can buy an all-in-one stainless steel cook set, which can be more affordable than the other two options mentioned above. And besides, stainless steel is completely non-toxic and made from the elements of the earth. 7. Replace the aluminum pan with a ceramic bowl

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

What? do you have an aluminum bowl at home? Maybe the next time you buy a new bowl, consider a ceramic bowl. Aluminum reacts with many everyday foods, especially acidic ones. In the best case, we can use ceramic bowls made entirely of clay material.

Glass mirrors can usually be reused indefinitely. They are also reusable. And you just need to clean them and they are ready to use again. The best thing about glass is that it is made from the earth’s elements (silicon dioxide) and is not affected by many of the common food chemicals that we use every day. 9. Avoid plastic measuring cups

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Eco Friendly Practices To Teach Kids About Sustainable Living

When buying a measuring cup, always avoid plastic. Plastic is cheap, but as we know, it is not environmentally friendly. Choose stainless steel measuring cups instead.10. Use sustainable, biodegradable cutting boards

Cutting boards are indispensable equipment in our kitchen. From making salads to cutting vegetables, we always need a cutting board to get help under the ingredients. Make sure you buy wooden ones, they last a long time, and most importantly, wooden ones can rot. Avoid plastic files

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Do you use a grater in your kitchen? Probably yes! I remember five years ago we had a plastic file. But the problem with that file was that it wasn’t permanent or environmentally friendly. So, we changed it to a metal file, which we still use today. And as we know, in terms of environmental friendliness, metal is ahead of plastic.

Practical Eco Friendly Living Tips For A Smaller Carbon Footprint

I did a lot of research to find plastic free kitchen utensils. But unfortunately, all popular products use plastic to make the body. However, we can always choose an energy-saving blender. Also, make sure that the blades are sharp enough and that you are using the right one for the right purpose. If the blades are not the right shape, the mixer may take longer to mix the ingredients. Always consider using a pressure cooker

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

In practice, pressure cookers are the best friendly appliances in our kitchens. It not only saves our energy bill, but also our time. 14. Use a glass/stainless steel lid for quick cooking

If you don’t have a pressure cooker at home, don’t worry. You can use a glass or stainless steel lid on the pan for faster cooking. Just be careful not to use plastic covers. 15. Turn off the kitchen faucet when not in use

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Eco Friendly Apartment Ideas

Never forget to turn off the sink faucet. According to research by, around 33% of water used in the kitchen is wasted.

I have another idea for storing water in the kitchen. Put a stop to the flow of water inside the pipe. This will save you several liters of water. Especially when we wash the dishes, we don’t know how much water we use. In such cases, water flow barriers can work to save water with us. Be sure to buy an energy-saving chimney for the kitchen

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

A kitchen chimney is an important kitchen tool. But in general, the consumption of kitchen chimneys is 150 watts, which can be a lot if you have a large family and cook for a long time. Therefore, when you buy a chimney, make sure that it is energy efficient. Also, less power does not mean more efficiency. High performance can often indicate superior performance. But we can call it energy efficient if it works well even with less energy. It is best to buy basic food at a local store

Sustainable Living: Your Guide By Better Eco Choices

Supporting local shops and farmers can be a great way to buy basic sustainable food. Importing goods from another city or state will definitely use more fuel and transportation resources. 19. Consider cooking seasonal vegetables

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Seasonal fruits and vegetables require little or no processing as they are readily available in the area. In contrast, off-season crops require cold storage and other processing methods to keep them fresh. So seasonal vegetables are definitely more sustainable and even healthier for you.

You may wonder how important this is in creating an eco-friendly home! But let me tell you, your health is more important. And maintaining health is the first step towards making your home sustainable. If you cook and eat healthy food, you can save a lot of money because of your physical health 21. Avoid packaged foods

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

Turn Your House Into An Eco Friendly Home With These 7 Tips

If you can find healthy fresh alternatives to any packaged food, always choose it. During packaging, manufacturers use a lot of energy and release toxic substances into the environment. In addition, most packaging is made of plastic. Don’t waste food

Always make sure you cook what you can eat. Food waste is not only a waste of precious resources; uses more energy for cooking and even more energy for processing food waste. 23. Trying banana leaves is better than aluminum foil

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

As I said before, avoid using aluminum foil. But what can we use instead? Banana leaves can be a great alternative for the environment. First, you can wrap food in a banana leaf. Then tie the leaf tightly with string. After cooking, you can remove the food and put the banana leaves in the compost pile.

Top 6 Energy Saving Tips For An Eco Friendly Life

Finally, you should consider eco-friendly materials when designing your kitchen, and wooden structures are always more sustainable than anything else. In addition, you can simply buy energy-saving appliances for your kitchen.

Tips For Eco Friendly Living

For an in-depth look at how to create an eco-friendly kitchen, check out our other post on 31+ Ways.

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